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Webinar Schedule

This is not your grandfather's seminar.  No free steak and no annuity sales pitch.  Just 1 hour of high octane financial education.  Giving you the tools you need to reach your goals.


Our monthly webinar series is built around topics of need for young families.  Ranging from home buying, budgeting, 401k, college and student loans we will teach you what you need to live a successful and stress-free financial life.

Up Coming Webinars

Am I Ready to Buy a House?


The real estate industry is filled with great people.  Unfortunately, it is also built around selling a more house than you can afford. 


When everyone involved is compensated based on the size of the house you buy, how can you know if you are ready and able to afford the home?  


This webinar will walk you through a checklist to buying that you should complete before speaking to an agent.  


What will you get by following these steps?  Security and peace.  Following these steps will help protect you against buying a house you cannot afford so that you can live without worrying about your next bill's due date. 

 Stop Letting Your 401k Confuse You


Simplify your 401k today.  Learn a few quick "401k Master Moves" that will help you pick the right investments and grow your wealth.

Simplify Your Budget for the 2nd Half of the Year


Learn a few simple steps to make a set-it and forget-it budget giving you the freedom to spend guilt free on the things you enjoy without ruining your finances.  

Available Replays

April 3: 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Student Loans


Learn 5 of the best tips for lowering the negative financial impact of your student loans.​​


April 17: How Not to be Denied for Public Service Loan Forgiveness


With all the news around Public Service Loan Forgiveness, this hour will guide you through the requirements that so many people miss.