You went to college, got a great degree, and have your dream(ish) job.  What else do you have?  Student Loans.


The bill comes each month, but did you know you have more control over your student loans than you think?


If you want to find out how you can request a free 15-30 minute phone call and we can have a short strategy session.  Just click this button.

Not ready yet?  That's ok.  

You may have called your student loan service, but have they given you all the payment options?  They should have, but we are finding out that they often want to get you off the phone.  In his podcast, Michael Lewis discusses Navients 7-minute rule.  Simply put, your call should be less than 7 minutes long, or the representative on the other end is not doing their job.  I wrote a similar blog post about your student loan servicer not always being helpful.


Worst yet there are private loan lenders trying to get you to refinance your federal student loans and making people lose the great benefits federal loans have.  Most of the time, you should not refinance your federal loans.


But with a little guidance, you can overcome the student loan nightmare you are in.  We will help you: 

  • Qualify for any loan forgiveness you deserve

  • Pick the proper payment plan for your situation

  • Determine if refinancing is right for you (without trying to sell you a loan since we do are not lenders)

  • Learn how to do this all on your own or get 1-on-1 assistance.


You can get on with your life.  Request more information today!



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