How Do I Pay For College?

Paying for college is the biggest financial challenge many parents will face.  If funds are low, many advisors will say "You do not owe your kids anything toward college," but that doesn't help the act that we want to.

As parents, we know that a college degree opens many doors and the relationships made during college can help our kids get a foot in that open door.  Just shrugging helping with college off is often not a valid answer.  

How You Can Help Give Your Kids the Best College Experiance

One of the best ways to get the best college experience is to get out without a pile of student loans.  Our 6-Step process will help you to save for the cost of college, but also to...

save on the cost of college

We do college wrong.  We pick a school and then try and figure out how to pay for it.  We need to figure out how we will pay for it, and then pick the best school for your student.  


What are the six steps?


1. Prepare for the cost of college


2. Apply for admission and Scholarships


3. Apply for financial aid


4. Analyze and appeal financial aid offers


5. Choose the right school and accept your reward


6. Evaluate options to cover any shortfall


By guiding you through these steps you will give your student a great college experience without graduating to an avalanche of student loans.



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